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There’s No Accounting For This Mixup

, , , , | Working | June 5, 2021

I have two debit cards. [Card #1] is attached to my checking account and [Card #2] is attached to my savings account. In the first week of February, I receive an envelope from my bank with a new debit card, [Card #3]. It ends in the same four digits as [Card #1] but has a different expiration date and security code. I just got [Card #1] a few months ago and it’s nowhere near expiring, so I’m not sure why they sent me a new one. I call the number on the back of the card to get assistance.

Me: “I received a new debit card in the mail, but I never ordered it and my current card isn’t expiring for a few years. I was wondering if maybe you sent this card by mistake?”

Representative #1: “Let me check on that for you… Yes, it appears that you have two cards attached to [Checking Account].”

Me: “Yeah, I only want [Card #1] to be attached to it. I don’t know why they sent me [Card #3].”

Representative #1: “I am so sorry for the confusion. Would you like me to go ahead and cancel [Card #3]?”

Me: “Sure, as long as I’ll still be able to use [Card #1].”

Representative #1: “I’ve cancelled [Card #3] and the debit card you already had should still work fine. Is there anything else I can help you with?”

Me: “No, thank you. You’ve been such a big help!”

A week later, I am buying groceries with [Card #1] and it is declined. I try with [Card #2] and it is also declined. Thankfully, I have a credit card for emergencies, so I use that to pay for my groceries. I brush it off as a fluke, but the same thing happens the next day when I go to a cafe. I call the bank as soon as I get home.

Me: “Both my debit cards have been declined when they were working just fine a few days ago. I called last week about a duplicate debit card so that might have had something to do with it?”

Representative #2: “I see what happened. [Representative #1] didn’t see the note on your account that [Card #1] was compromised, which is why we sent you [Card #3]. [Card #1] was automatically cancelled after you received [Card #3], and then she cancelled the new card. You should have gotten a letter saying that [Card #1] had been compromised.”

Me: “I don’t think I got a letter but I could have easily missed it by mistake. So, I have no debit card attached to my checking account?”

Representative #2: “That is correct. I apologize for the confusion. I would be happy to transfer you to Account Services to order a new debit card.”

Me: “That would be very helpful, thank you.”

I’m on hold for about forty-five minutes before I get to talk to the next rep, who takes my information and my explanation.

Representative #3: “That’s a problem for Account Services. I’ll transfer you to them now. By the way, if you ever have a problem with your debit card, you should call the number on the back of the card.”

Me: *Thinking* “I did call the number on the back of my card, and your colleague was the one who transferred me to you in the first place, but whatever.”

Representative #4: “Account Services, how can I assist you today?”

Me: “Yes, I’d like to order a new debit card, please.”

Representative #4: “Is this for [Checking Account]?”

Me: “Yes. You should be able to see I currently have no cards associated with that account.”

Representative #4: “All right, I will have a new card sent out to you in three to five business days! Is there anything else I can help you with?”

Me: “No, thank you. You’ve been a great help!”

Fast forward about a week to today. [Card #2] has decided to work again so I’m able to pay my bills, but I’m anxious to get my new card. I check the mail and find two envelopes from my bank. One is the infamous letter telling me that [Card #1] has been compromised and they will be sending me a new card. The letter is dated a few days after [Card #3] came in the mail. The other envelope contains a shiny new debit card which is an exact copy of [Card #2]: same number, same expiration date, and same security code. I call the number on the back.

Representative #5: “How can I help you today?”

Me: “I just received a duplicate of [Card #2] that has all the exact same information. I had ordered a new card for [Checking Account] which was supposed to have arrived by now, so I think there was a mixup.”

Representative #5: “I see someone called on [date last week] to order a duplicate card. Was that you?”

Me: “Yes, that was me, but I didn’t order a duplicate of [Card #2]; I wanted a new debit card for [Checking Account]. My card was cancelled due to a mix-up and I need a new one.”

Representative #5: “I understand. I apologize for that mistake. Just to be safe, I recommend getting rid of [Card #2] and using [Card #4], instead. It should work fine since it has all the same information as [Card #2]. In order to get a new card for [Checking Account], you need to fill out an application. Would you like me to transfer you to Account Services to complete that now?”

Me: “Yes, please. Thank you for your help!”

Representative #6: “How can I help you today?”

Me: “I need to apply for a new debit card for [Checking Account]. I have my account open on my computer. Can I apply through the website?”

Representative #6: “Certainly! I’d be happy to walk you through that.”

It takes about thirty seconds to complete the “application,” which is literally just confirming my contact information and pressing “submit.”

Me: “Is that all I have to do?”

Representative #6: “Yes, you will receive your card in seven to ten business days! We normally try to keep shipping times lower, but there have been a lot of mail delays recently.”

Me: “I completely understand. We’re due to get some bad weather here soon. I appreciate your help and hope you have a great day!”

Representative #6: “You, too. Stay safe!”

Most everyone I spoke to was super nice throughout the process, but I am exhausted by how difficult it was to complete a process that could have been done in just a few clicks if there hadn’t been so much miscommunication. Fingers crossed that my new debit card arrives soon and is actually attached to the correct account.