When There’s Been A Murder, Who You Gonna Call?

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(I work in the fresh cut area in produce. We also make guacamole, which is one of our most popular items. My coworker is on her fourth batch of the day when the manager walks in and asks how it’s going.)

Coworker: “I have so much guac on my apron, it looks like I murdered Slimer!”

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  • Flami

    I’d have gone with a YOU CAN’T DO THAT ON TELEVISION reference as well.

    • Deadpool


      • Flami

        “I DON’T KNOW!” *green slime*

        • Deadpool

          “Don’t encourage your mother.”

          • Tiffany Tyler

            “D’I heard that!”

          • Joe Weatherford

            Who do you think’s in the burgers?

  • AKchic

    Nickelodeon slime reference maybe?
    And are we referencing the original Ghostbusters Slimer, the cartoon Real Ghostbusters Slimer, or the new Ghostbusters Slimer?
    (inquiring minds want to know, for guac consistency sake)

    • Hahn Ackles

      I’m gonna say new Ghostbusters, because I’m of the unpopular opinion that the new Ghostbusters movie was fantastic.

      • Harold Wagner

        I have yet to see it but I do like Melissa McCarthy.

      • AKchic

        I actually didn’t mind the new one either. I grew up on the originals and had the toys as a kid (*laugh* now people can try to narrow down my age a bit!). It wasn’t the same as the old one, but I liked that. I really liked the change, while still giving nods to the old, and incorporating the cameos of the old cast. I LOVED the cameos.

        • Hahn Ackles

          Yep! I also felt like both the actors that played the villain did a wonderful job.

          • AKchic

            And I totally get it, it wasn’t the *greatest* movie, and it was messing with a classic; but to take it as a stand-alone movie – it wasn’t bad. It is definitely something I would watch if I needed background noise, or was recovering from surgery and was medicated and just wanted something mindless to watch, or if my 8 year old wanted to watch it again. It’s not like Trolls or Pokémon where I want to stab my eyes and ears out.

          • Hahn Ackles

            … Or if I just need my Kate McKinnon fix… Seriously every scene she was in was amazing… XD

          • AKchic

            That too. Kate McKinnon is great. I am really happy that the ladies of SNL are finally starting to get recognition for their talents. A lot of them weren’t. There were so many that were given the brush off. It seems like Tina Fey was the first to really “make it big”, and it took so much for her to finally be recognized for her talents. I mean, there was Jane Curtin, but even her career wasn’t as big. Tina Fey really blew up and paved the way for Poehler, Wiig, McKinnon and the rest.

  • Glowworm

    Sounds like she ain’t afraid of no ghost.

  • ShadeTail

    How do you murder someone who is already dead?

    • Pogla


    • Frédéric Purenne


    • Harold Wagner

      Very carefully?

  • Powers

    Little known fact: Slimer’s name in the original movie (behind the scenes) was “Onionhead”.

  • Sounds like there’s something strange in their neighborhood.

    • Michael Hughes

      I’m pondering upon whom they are going to call

  • Clay

    Guacamole should not be slimy

    • allahboleh

      Or on an apron, it’s not difficult to make and the process doesn’t result in copious amounts on your hands

  • allahboleh


  • Katrina O’Shay

    So THAT’S how he became a ghost!

  • Harold Wagner

    Oh my God! You killed Slimer! You ba$tard!

  • Darth Hideous

    (From Extreme Ghostbusters) Eduardo to Slimer: If I’m a ghost then that makes you a ghost…. of a…. ghost?
    Slimer: Wha?
    Eduardo: You’re dead.
    Slimer: Again?? Waaaaahh!