There’s Many A Slip Twixt Cup And Lip

| Working | April 30, 2014

(I work in a theatre group. While most of my coworkers are great, there is one that seems to be a bit of an airhead. On this day, I’m waiting with her in a dressing room. There’s a supply of clear plastic cups in the room for drinking water, and sound from the stage is being piped in.)

Coworker: “I’m going to practice my routine, okay?”

Me: “Sure. I’m on soon. I’ll be back after my scene is done.”

(After I do my scene, I come back to find the girl doing the ‘cups’ rhythm to ‘When I’m Gone’ by Anna Kendrick. The cup breaks part way through the pattern. She throws it out and goes to get another cup. To my chagrin, there are several other broken cups in the trash.)

Me: “Wait a minute. How many times have you done that?”

Coworker: “Five… six… I don’t know.”

Me: “And how many times has the cup broken?”

Coworker: “All of them. Why?”

Me: “Two things. First, those cups are meant to be for drinking, not playing with. If the cup breaks every time, it’s probably not strong enough to be hit so many times.”

Coworker: *clearly not getting it* “I see…”

Me: “And second, if you’d been paying attention to the speaker instead of your cup-flipping skills, you would know your scene is coming up in just a couple minutes.)

(The girl ran to the backstage area, shocked. Something told me she’s not cut out to be an actress.)

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