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There’s French Bread, And REALLY French Bread

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Customer: “Excuse me. Do you have any regular French bread or just the European style?”

Me: *honestly having no idea what the customer means* “I’m not sure; let me ask coworker.”

(I call the question out to my coworker.)

Coworker: *clearly a bit baffled by the question himself* “Here, let me show you our options.”

(He goes out and talks to the customer while I go in back to do some of the nightly cleanup. Shortly my coworker comes back to finish his own cleanup.)

Me: “Hey, [Coworker], isn’t France in Europe?”

Coworker: *smiling knowingly* “Yeah, it is.”

Me: “Then what was she asking?”

Coworker: “I have no idea!”

Question of the Week

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