There’s Customer Service, And Then There’s This

, , , | Right | April 25, 2018

(My mom comes home for the grocery store and suddenly I hear her swear. Among other things, she bought a bottle of all-purpose cleaner which happens to have a leak. The groceries in the bag are soaked in a soapy mess, but to our horror, so is her brand new smartphone. Needless to say, the phone is beyond saving. The next day she goes back to the store. She doesn’t want to make a fuss over it, but she mentions it to the cashier, thinking maybe the store can do something, like make sure their items aren’t broken.)

Cashier: “I’m am so sorry that happened! Phones are expensive as it is… You know what? I am going to check if our insurance covers things like these. Let me get a manager.”

(The manager comes over, and apologises again and again for the broken phone. My mom never makes a big deal out of stuff getting broken, so she’s not demanding any compensation or anything, but the manager still seems willing to go all the extra miles to get her compensated. Mom eventually comes home with a bouquet of flowers.)

Me: “Wow! Where did you get those?”

Mom: “The manager insisted on compensating me somehow, and suddenly he shoved this bouquet in my hands, as an apology. They even offered to repay my groceries! I said to them, ‘I only had to go back to replace the green beans, you are not going to repay me the 70 cents I paid for that!’ But maybe I can get money back from their insurance.”

(The cashier even called us later on to keep us updated, telling us that the claim was being sent to their insurance company. I understand there are stores that like to keep their customers happy, but flowers and an insurance claim over a broken phone caused by a leaking product? Not that I’m complaining, though.)

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