There’s A Burning Issue

, , , , | Working | February 26, 2018

(I submit a short list of things for maintenance to take care of in my apartment. The maintenance worker comes and starts going down the list, fixing things. All is well until the last item on the list.)

Maintenance: “It says there’s a problem with your washer?”

Me: “Yeah. When I use it, something smells like it’s burning.”

Maintenance: *sniffs* “I don’t smell anything.”

Me: “Well, yeah. I’m not doing laundry right now.”

Maintenance: “I can’t fix it if I can’t replicate the problem. You need to call me over when it smells.”

Me: “You guys have a two-day window; how am I supposed to time my laundry so that I’m actually washing when you get here?”

Maintenance: “Just call the office; tell them to send someone.”

Me: *if it’s in use, he can’t open it up to look in, anyway* “Can you take a look now? I’m a little concerned since, again, it smells like something is burning.”

Maintenance: “Nope, I don’t smell anything. I can’t help you. Was there anything else?”

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