When There’s Actually A GOOD Umbrella Organisation

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(When I am 12, I go on an overseas trip with my mum and buy a beautiful umbrella there, shaped like a leaf. Since it doesn’t fit into our luggage, we have to check it separate as ‘bulky luggage’ at the airport. But when we get to our home airport at around midnight, the umbrella doesn’t show up at the baggage claim, no matter how long we wait. We ask a random airport worker for help and get sent to the special claims desk.)

Lady At Desk: “You’re missing a piece of luggage? I’m sorry, but it might have been lost in our collections area for luggage… or it might not have made it off the plane. This late at night, there’s not enough workers to properly search for it.”

(I was in love with that umbrella, so hearing that it might be completely lost almost made me cry.)

Lady At Desk: “If you give me a description of the lost piece, I’ll make sure to inform everyone working tomorrow to look for it, and with your flight number we’ll check the plane as well! We can have it delivered to any address you give us.”

Mum: “It’s a bright green umbrella, with the brown handle shaped like a tree trunk, and if you open it up it has the shape of a leaf.”

Lady At Desk: “Well, we certainly won’t have any trouble finding THAT!” *laughing*

(We go home without my umbrella and I am certain I’ll never hear from the airport service again. However, the next day around noon, the doorbell rings and a flight attendant shows up — with my umbrella!)

Flight Attendant: “The luggage workers found this tucked behind a set of golf-bags this morning. When I heard your address was on my route home, I offered to deliver it in person!”

(Ten years later, I still have that umbrella.)

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