There’s A Time And Space For Everything

| Related | September 29, 2014

(It’s back to school sale season and certain store that sells items one put in their bed or bath room has their dorm stuff out. One dorm set has generic famous images of NY, Paris, and London printed on them. The London one has a red phone booth on it. Note: my mother grew up with Doctor Who and I am not a fan of it but am a geek so I know some general stuff about it.)

Mom: “Oh, hey, look. That one has the, uh, whatcha call it, the Tardis on it.”

Me: “Mom, the Tardis is blue. That phone booth is red. It’s just a regular phone booth.”

Mom: “Oh…”

Me: “Heh, and I never really watched that show. Didn’t you use to watch that?”

Mom: “It’s been a long day and… don’t sass me. I’m your mother. Also, I have the car keys.”

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