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There’s A Time And Place For Everything

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When I was in college, we had a special building where students studying Higher Education courses could hang out. This was a building with a social area that had a small kitchen, vending machines, a TV, etc. Basically, it was a place for us to unwind.

One day, we were sitting in our social area, TV on and groups having conversations, when suddenly, a lecturer stormed in.

Lecturer: “There is an exam in the room next door! Can you please keep quiet?”

Now, this is where we were all baffled. Why hold an exam in a room right next to a social area? A fellow student spoke up.

Student: “This is our free period. We are just hanging out and unwinding, which is what this place is for. We will try and be a bit quieter, but you shouldn’t hold an exam next door to a place designed for socialising.”

The lecturer walked out without another word. We did try and stay a little quieter, and the lecturer didn’t come back out again. Perhaps she, too, realised how unfair it was on both parties — us relaxing and those having an exam — to have the exam where students were bound to be chatting and having a laugh.

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