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There’s A Time And Place For Adventure

, , , | Working | November 9, 2020

This story is relayed to me by my old manager only a month or so after I quit my marketing job at a small, private company.

With a marketing campaign strategy meeting happening later in the day, my manager sends over plans and mocks via email to our CEO so they can look at them before the meeting. In response, the CEO immediately forwards the marketing strategies to ALL department managers and asks them to weigh in — sales, HR, accounting, etc. The first to reply is the HR manager:

HR Manager: “These sale email mocks don’t look very exciting. What if we had [Graphic Designer] make a whole story of a warrior who has a sword and goes on an adventure? You keep scrolling as the email goes on and on and you watch their story as they go through their adventure. They get to the end of their adventure and they are victorious because they chose our product! That would be really exciting.”

The CEO replies minutes later before my manager can even say anything.

CEO: “PERFECT! That sounds like fun. Let’s try that.”

A carefully planned marketing campaign derailed before they could even get to the meeting to discuss it. Things like this were a common occurrence and why I ended up leaving in the first place.

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