There’s A Special Kind Of Hell For Those Who Talk In The Movie Theater

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My wife and I went to a movie a while ago. During the previews, a younger couple came in and sat in the row behind us and off to one side a bit. The guy immediately pulled his cell phone out and started using it while the woman munched on popcorn and watched the previews.

Finally, the movie started and he still was on his phone. I was about to ask him to turn it off when it rang and he answered and started a very animated conversation with someone. I then told him to “Turn it off or leave!” and, after giving me a death glare, he whispered something to the woman. They got up and, with him still chatting on the phone, they began to leave… or so I thought.

Instead of leaving, they plopped down in some seats in the first row, him still chatting away. We could hear him from where we were. Several people seated nearby him asked him to turn the phone off but he ignored them. Finally, someone left and got a manager who came in and told him to leave.

He stood up, turned to face us all, and yelled, “THANKS FOR TOTALLY RUINING MY DATE!” Then, he stomped out of the theater with the woman sheepishly trailing behind to scattered laughter, jeers, and — for real — applause.

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