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There’s A Lot To Unpackage Here

, , , , | Working | September 24, 2020

I recently ordered some new cages for my rats as we had an accidental pregnancy and we need bigger cages to separate males and females. The order was delayed due to the health crisis but I received a notification they had finally been sent.

I’ve been tracking the item and it’s due for delivery, so we keep a watch for the driver, but he doesn’t arrive or we don’t see him the day he is due so we just assume it was delayed.

The next morning, my husband is heading to his car and notices something buried in the leaves in the rear garden. On further investigation, it’s the parcels, and the dog has destroyed them. He is a Great Dane puppy and, unfortunately, he likes to chew.

I call the courier company to register a complaint and find a solution, as one of the cages is missing several parts, including the screws.

Me: “I’d like to complain about a delivery that was thrown over my fence that my dogs have destroyed.”

Company: “Your item is due for delivery.”

Me: “No, I already got it, but it was destroyed, as it was put over the rear fence even though the gate has been padlocked.”

Company: “You have to call the seller, as it’s their fault they gave authority to leave it and didn’t mention dogs.”

Me: “But it’s authorized to be left in a safe place; the area it was left was the only locked area. We live in a pub. There are two entrances at the front: one which is covered and safe, and a driveway which leads to an enclosed rear gate.”

Company: “Not our problem; we had authority to leave it.”

This went on for around five minutes. The lady kept talking over me when I tried to explain that the garden was locked for a reason and the driver had to have thrown them over the fence, even though the boxes said they were fragile and there were three other places they could have been left. They could have even rung the bell, as we were home.

But this lady could not understand why it was a problem that my fragile parcels had been thrown over the locked fence and destroyed by my dogs. I eventually gave up and contacted the seller, who was lovely and organised replacement parts for the damaged items, but she herself could not understand why they decided to leave the packages in the only locked area of the building, and she was not looking forward to contacting them in regards to damage insurance.