There’s A Compliment Peppered In There Somewhere

| Romantic | March 5, 2015

(My two friends and I are a bit mad about the Avengers film. We discuss which characters we would be.)

Me: “Well, I have metal implanted in my body which has kept me from dying, so I think it’s only reasonable to say that I’m Tony Stark.”

Friend #1: “So what does that make [Husband], then?”

Me: “Pepper Potts, obviously. He’s got the red hair and everything.”

Friend #2: “Ha! Wouldn’t he be mad if he knew you called him that?”

Me: “I doubt it. I’ll let you know.”

(Later, after they’ve gone home, I’m relating the story to my husband.)

Me: “…and so because of my implant, we agreed that I’m Tony Stark.”

Husband: “Makes sense. That would make me Pepper Potts.”

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