There Will Be Bloodwork

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(I have a severe aversion to getting bloodwork done. While I know it’s all in my head, I’ve managed to faint and have seizures several times. To make everyone’s life easier when I absolutely need bloodwork done, I make sure to tell whoever is doing it about the problem. USUALLY, they find a way to work with me.)

Me: *explains my problem with bloodwork* “It’d probably be best if I can lie down, if possible.”

Male Nurse: “You’re a grown-up. No one likes needles. You’ll be fine.”

Me: “It’s more than that. I’ve had seizures…”

Male Nurse: “Look, if anything happens, I’ll catch you. Okay?”

Me: “Um… okay…”

(Bloodwork begins. The next thing I remember is everything going black. I wake up on the floor.)

Female Nurse: “Are you okay?!”

Male Nurse: “She’s faking it. No one faints from having blood drawn! She just wanted to lie down. She even asked for a bed.”

Female Nurse: “That’s why  we have a bed.” *to me* “Sweetie, did you know this would happen?”

Me: “I told him I’ve fainted and had seizures from bloodwork, and asked to lie down, so… yes?”

([Female Nurse] helps me up, walks me to the room with a bed, and lies me down, leaving juice at the side table beside me. Once I’m okay to stand up again…)

Female Nurse: “Do you want to try again?”

Me: “Um… can you do it?”

Female Nurse: “Sure. Don’t worry; he’s gone home for the day.”

(I got my bloodwork done, lying down, and managed to not black out, though I still did get lightheaded. Thank you, nice lady nurse.)

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