There Will Be Blood… Everywhere

, | Working | November 23, 2015

(I work in a hospital laboratory as a lab scientist. Before testing some sample, you have to mix them. Every lab scientist has their own technique, but will put the tube in their hand and flick their wrists while inverting the tube. I’m across the lab when one of the other lab scientists (a late-20s male) squeals in a stereotypically girly manner.)

Coworker: “Blood EVERYWHERE!”

Me: “What did you do?”

(I rush over there and see that there is, indeed, blood all over his lab coat and up the walls and across the floor. I also see a tube cap on the floor.)

Coworker: *holds out the tube, which is capless* “Remember when we sent out the friendly reminder to all the nurses to make sure that they firmly cap all their tubes? Someone didn’t get the memo.”

(Luckily, getting more blood at least didn’t mean stabbing the patient with a needle again, but just pulling it out of an indwelling line. But still. There was a lot of blood.)

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