There Was No Mis-Steak

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(I am in a Texas-themed steakhouse restaurant. I am the sole customer who witnesses this transaction. At dinner one night with my mother, teenage daughter, and her friend, I observe a waitress bringing a tray of food to the table next to us. What catches my attention is that the customer seated diagonally across from me starts snatching the food off the tray as the waitress is trying to set it down. It unbalances the tray which nearly falls. The customer passes the food out to everyone at the table, a group of four middle-aged women, then looks down at her food and gets mad.)

Customer #1: “You got my order wrong. I asked for loaded mash potatoes, not a baked potato.”

Waitress: “I’m sorry, ma’am. That’s not your food; you ordered the eight-ounce sirloin, and that’s a six-ounce sirloin…”

Customer #2: “You messed up my order, too. I wanted a baked potato, not mashed potatoes.”

(I wait for someone, anyone, to speak up and point out the mistake. One of the ladies is on her phone, not paying attention. The other has started eating. Again, the waitress tries to explain.)

Waitress: “Ma’am, the plate you put in front of you is not yours. That’s not your steak…”

Customer #1: *condescending tone* “Listen, sweetie. The steak you got right. I like mashed potatoes. This is a baked potato. Can you see how you f***ed up?”

Customer #2: “I very clearly said I wanted a baked potato.”

Customer #1: “This is all wrong.”

(The waitress is very calmly trying to fix the situation through this. They keep cutting her off while insisting on sending all the food back.)

Waitress: “If you just let me explain—“

Customer #1: “What’s there to explain? You f***ed up our order. Take it back and get it right this time.”

(She then proceeds to put all of the food back, including the “correct” orders. Once the food is back on the tray, the waitress tries one more time.)

Waitress: “Let me just try it this way.” *passes the food out to the people that ordered it*

Customer #1: “Now you got it. This is what I ordered. You need to pay better attention to your customers.”

Customer #2: “Mine’s right, too.”

(I was in utter disbelief. I looked around to see if anyone else saw this interaction. No one did. Later, the manager was making the rounds, checking on each table. [Customer #1] complained about the service from the “stupid waitress.” The manager apologized and moved to our table. I told him the whole story. He told me they came in once or twice a week and always had a problem. Last time, they’d complained because they didn’t order peanuts and wanted them off their bill. Peanuts are complimentary and on every table. He agreed to not charge them for peanuts.)

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