There Snow Way I’m Doing This

| Connecticut, USA | Working | March 27, 2013

(My brother works at a gas station in the next town over, and his boss is always asking him to come in for extra hours at the most unreasonable times. In this story, Superstorm Nemo has just hit, and we live on a dead-end street which hasn’t been plowed yet. My brother gets a phone call from his boss.)

My Brother: “Hello?”

Boss: “Can you come in?”

My Brother: “There’s three feet of snow outside and most of the roads are closed. My car is completely buried.”

Boss: “Well, can you have your father bring you in?”

(Our father works with the state Department of Transportation, and as such has been out since last night on the highway.)

My Brother: “So…you want me to call my dad at work and have him come all the way back down here, plow our street, then drive me up there?”

Boss: “Yes! What’s so hard about that?”

(The worst part? The boss and several other employees all live practically within walking distance of the place!)

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