There Is Something In The Water

| Romantic | September 21, 2012

(We are at a water-park, and it began to rain and thunder. We have to take shelter for severe lightning in the area. We hide under a wide water slide with several lifeguards and another family, telling funny stories to pass the time. While we are talking, we see a couple on the bridge over the lazy river. They begin to make out, not knowing we are watching.)

Me: “They are really into it, huh?”

Lifeguard: “This is hilarious!”

Other family: “We should slow clap when they finish!”

My Friend: “Totally!”

(They continue to kiss for ten straight minutes while we snicker and crack jokes about the lovebirds.)

Me: “Ha! We’re the creepy people under the slide watching them make out.”

(Four more minutes pass, they’re still making out.)

Friend: “When will they stop!?”

Other family: “They won’t separate!”

(Two more minutes pass, they finally stop kissing.)

Lifeguards/Family/Me/My Friend: *slow clap*

(The lovebirds start looking around in confusion. They finally spot us, and they turn beet red.)

Lifeguard: “Good job man!”

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