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There Is Non-Existent Room For Improvement

, , , , | Right | December 4, 2020

This happens when we are remodeling the third floor at our hotel. It is important to mention that, at this stage, all the rooms on this floor have no fabrics (e.g. linens, towels, curtains, etc.) and no locks on the doors. However, the beds and mattresses have already been installed.

A guest who is looking very tired and smelling quite a bit like last night’s alcohol comes down to check out.

Guest: “I want to check out, and I want to complain that I was woken up very early by a construction worker that suddenly walked into my room!”

I am a bit shocked.

Me: “I am terribly sorry to hear that! That certainly has never happened before! Please, what was your room number?”

Guest: “Number 310.”

Me: “Are you quite sure about that number, sir? The third floor is currently not in use; perhaps it was number 510?”

Guest: *Suddenly insulted*No! I was in 310! I would know my room number, don’t you think? I am not stupid!”

Me: “Of course, sir. Again, I apologize. I will have our hotel manager talk to the construction crew manager about their employee immediately since this is not supposed to happen. What was your last name, sir?”

Guest: “Mr. [Guest], and I am not after any compensation, but you really should speak to them.”

Me: “I will investigate the matter immediately, sir. Again, my apologies, and thank you for letting us know.”

I check our system and it shows that he was checked into room 512. But since his stay was already prepaid by his employer, I simply check him out and he leaves the lobby. A few minutes later, he comes back; he seems quite upset.

Guest: “I don’t have my wallet or my wedding ring!”

Me: “Oh, dear. I will have a housekeeper check your room immediately.”

Guest: “I bet that construction worker has stolen it!”

Me: “I am sure that is not the case. Do you want to wait here while we check?”

Guest: “No, I have some other things to do now but I will come back soon! You’d better find it! If you don’t find it, I will call the police!”

Me: “I am sure we will be able to locate your items, sir.”

The guest leaves again and a housekeeper immediately checks room 512 but finds nothing; in fact, the room seems unused. On a hunch, I ask her to check 310. What do we find there? Yes, his wallet and wedding ring are on the floor under the bed! This guy just slept a full night in a room with no curtains, no locks on the door, and no blankets or pillows on a bare mattress. He couldn’t even take a shower because there were no towels or soap dispensers installed yet. Presumably, he was too drunk to notice. And yes, we found out later that, indeed, a construction worker had entered the room to check some things. As you can imagine, he was terribly surprised to find a person there.

We managed to give the wallet and ring back to the guest and we explained what had happened. He left quite sheepishly, never to be seen again.