There Is No Way Of Salad Dressing Up This Incompetence

| Working | January 15, 2014

(I’m trying to order food online. I’m having trouble with the pricing of an item, so I call the restaurant.)

Me: “Hi. I’m trying to order from your website, but I’m having an issue with the pricing. It says that a salad is only $4.99, but when I order it, it comes up as $5.99.”

Worker: “We don’t have salad.”

Me: “Oh… Well, it’s on your website. There are two, actually.”

Worker: “I don’t MAKE the website. Oh, wait. We have salad.”

Me: “So, how much is the salad?”

Worker: “$5.99.”

Me: “Okay, so why is it listed as $4.99 online?”


Me: “I know that, but it seems odd that they are listed as a dollar cheaper until you order them.”

Worker: “Look, it’s $5.99. That’s all I can tell you.”

Me: “Fine. Maybe I’ll just write an email to customer service to let them know about this”.

Worker: “Whatever. Just tell them it wasn’t me…”

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