There Is No Silver Lining, Or Tape, To This Story

, , , , | Right | March 10, 2020

(I work in the paint department. A lot of tape in our store is located in my department, but only a small selection of colored duct tapes are here. The majority of duct tape is in the plumbing department. A customer approaches my supervisor and me, already looking harried.)

Me: “How’s it going today?”

Customer: “I’m looking for tape. But not masking tape. I need silver tape.”

Supervisor: “Oh, the silver tape is all in the back of plumbing.”

Me: “In aisle thirty-four.”

Customer: *frowning* “Where is that?”

Supervisor: “Head one aisle over to aisle twelve, then straight to the back from there.”

(The customer walks off, grumbling something about not knowing what to do before finally heading down aisle twelve. I think nothing of it, figuring she was just in a mood for some reason. My supervisor’s shift ends about five minutes later, and fifteen minutes after that, the same customer shows back up with another associate)

Customer: *walking over to our small display of multicolored duct tape and waving for my attention* “Hello? Hello?! It’s right here!”

(I know for a fact that we have no silver tape in that display. Sure enough, there is none.)

Me: “Oh, but I thought you were looking for silver tape?”

Customer: “Your friend sent me all the way to the back of the store and it’s right here!”

Me: “But… you said you wanted silver tape, and there is no silver tape there. All the silver tape is in the back of plumbing.”

Customer: “It’s right here! No one in this store knows what they’re doing!”

(The customer proceeded to take a roll of tape and walk away. The roll of tape that she took was white, and could not in any way, shape, or form be mistaken for silver. I guess I should have just known that’s what she meant?)

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