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There Is No Retirement Age For Birthdays

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(I work in a retirement home as a volunteer. Each month, we host a small party for residents who had their birthday that month. One time, however, one of the female residents missed it due to her falling and having to go to the hospital. None of her family ever visits her, so she spent her birthday alone in a hospital room. She comes back to us clearly feeling down. We volunteers had anticipated this and have rounded up as many people as possible and have ordered a cake.)

Me: “Hey [Female Resident], feeling better?”

(She nods, clearly still depressed about what was probably her worst birthday ever. I take her to the rec-room in the back where the parties are hosted. The lights are out and the curtains are closed.)

Female Resident: “Hey, [My Name], why are we going here?”

(At this point a group of volunteers, nurses, residents she’s friends with, and our director start singing happy birthday as the cover is taken of the cake barely illuminating the rec-room.)

Female Resident: *in tears, starts to sing along*

(Our director comes over to say hello.)

Director: “Happy birthday [Female Resident]! Enjoy your party! Sorry, I can’t stay long, so have a piece of cake for me, okay?”

(The party ended up lasting for well over three hours, with nurses and other staff members joining in as they had their break. [Female Resident] got a couple of gifts including free maintenance on her wheelchair, a foot massage and a free haircut. We volunteers had bought her a small tablet to do Sudokus and crosswords on. Needless to say, [Female Resident]’s birthday went from the worst to the best ever!)

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