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There Is No Escape From The Terms And Conditions

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I am a manager at an escape room. Our refund policy is that you get $0 back if you try to refund day-of, since buying spots blocks out other potential customers. The phone rings.

Male Caller: “Hello, I have a reservation tonight. I paid full price, but I found this [coupon] and I want you to refund me so that I can buy the [coupon], instead.”

I recite our refund policy.

Male Caller: “Oh, okay.” *Hangs up*

The phone rings again a minute later.

Female Caller: “Hi, my husband just called, and I was wondering why you won’t refund us.”

I recite our refund policy again.

Female Caller: “Well, I would like to speak to a manager about this.”

Me: “Ma’am, I am the manager here.”

Female Caller: “Then don’t you have the power to refund us?”

Me: “I do, but I would get in trouble with the owners if I did that.”

Female Caller: “Can we reschedule, then?”

Me: “Absolutely. I can reschedule you for any other day at no cost.”

Female Caller: “So, after I reschedule, I can get a full refund?”

Me: “Ma’am, don’t try to get around this. If you wanted the [coupon] price, either buy one or ask for that rate before you pay full price for a game.”

Female Caller: “I didn’t pay for it! My husband did!”

Me: “Then he should have looked into the [coupon] before making the purchase.”

Female Caller: “This is very bad customer service.”

Me: “Bad service because I won’t risk my job for you? Ma’am, it is obvious you’re trying to scam us.”

She hung up. She later wrote a one-star review saying that I was incredibly rude and unhelpful to her and that our other many five-star reviews were fake without even coming to play the game they paid for.

Question of the Week

What is the most stupid reason a customer has asked to see your manager?

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