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There Is No Clean Getaway

, , , | Legal | December 31, 2018

(At the pool, there’s a new cleaner. We see him hanging around our locker and my suspicious mother decides to change our locker code when he leaves. When we go out, we hear a couple of swimmers complaining at the window.)

Swimmer #1: “Our clothes have been stolen!”

Swimmer #2: “We think he’s one of your cleaners.” *provides physical description* “He was looking at the lockers strangely.”

Ticket Seller: “All right! I’ll get him for you.”

(She comes back with the cleaner in question.)

Ticket Seller: “You’re suspected of stealing from some lockers.”

(The cleaner sees us and thinks we were the ones complaining about him.)

Cleaner: “I didn’t steal anything from you! You had changed your code, anyway!”

Swimmer #2: “Uh, we were complaining.”

Mother: “But how do you know we changed the code?”

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