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There Is Dough Reason To Stop

, , , , | Right | February 11, 2017

(I own a bakery. In the front, but to the side, is an area for me to mix the dough, which has a glass partition just in front of it so people can watch the process. Many people are fascinated by it and will often ask me questions while I work. My associate is waiting on customers and there’s only a couple of people in line. A customer comes up to the glass:)

Customer: “You need to stop playing and come wait on me.”

Me: “First, I’m not ‘playing’; I’m making dough. And second, actually, no, I don’t.”

Customer: “Yes, you do. You’re just being lazy!”

Me: “Lazy? Seriously? Lady, I’m up to my elbows in dough! Now you have two choices: you can either get your happy butt back in line or you can leave.”


Me: “She’s my manager.” *nods towards my associate*

Customer: *to my associate* “I WANT HER FIRED RIGHT NOW!”

Associate: “I can’t fire her.”

Customer: “WHY NOT?”

Associate: “Because she’s the owner!”

(The customer got red faced, and looked at me. I gave her a little finger wave. She sputtered and stormed out. I hate people who feel they’re entitled.)

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