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There Is Credit In Proof

, , , , | Learning | September 27, 2017

(It is when mobile phones have first became affordable and most phones are topped-up with credit. I have forgotten to take mine out of my pocket, after going to a friends house the night before. The school has a policy of taking phones from students and putting them in the main office until the end of the day. My phone rings.)

Teacher: “Phone, now!”

(I pass the phone and apologise.)

Teacher: “I might go through your phone credit at lunch just to teach you a lesson.”

(At the end of the day, I collect the phone and find out that all of the credit has been drained. I tell my parents what happened and they talk to the teacher and head teacher about it. Both deny everything.)

Dad: “You owe us over £15 in credit.”

Teacher: “I’m not paying it back. How do I know you didn’t call that number yourself? Prove it was me!”

Dad: “Pay it back and apologise.”

Teacher: “No. I’m right, and your kid should learn some respect; I’m not giving you a penny.”

(At this point, my dad, usually a very gentle person, calmly stands up, picks the teacher’s laptop up off the desk, and throws it against the wall, where it smashes into several pieces.)

Teacher: “What the…?”

Dad: “Let’s call it even.”

Teacher: “You’re gonna pay for that computer, or I’m taking you to court.”

Dad: “Prove it was me.”

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