There Is A Fly In My Ice!

, , , , | Right | March 6, 2020

(We have a variety of individuals who frequent our cafe. This particular individual is from South Louisiana and has a very thick accent. I am grateful she has such a sense of humor. I have already taken her beverage and meal order and served both.) 

Customer: “May I have a fly swatter?”

Me: “Excuse me, I misunderstood. What may I get you?”

Customer: “A fly swatter.”

(I am confused as to why she is asking for a fly swatter. She is seated outdoors, but I don’t see any flies. I return with a fly swatter and hand it to her. She looks at me, very confused.)

Customer: “Well, what did you hand me this for?”

Me: “I thought you asked for a fly swatter.”

Customer: *laughs* “I said… ‘May I get a glass of ice water?’.”

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