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There Better Bee An Explanation

| Related | February 27, 2017

(In the middle of the night, someone starts pounding on my bedroom door.)

Me: *groggy* “Wh-what’s going on? What’s wrong?”

Brother: *calling through the door* “[My Name]? Don’t go into the bathroom, okay?”

Me: *looking at my alarm clock* “It’s two am!”

Brother: “Yeah, I know. Just don’t go into the bathroom.”

Me: “Why? Did the toilet overflow or something?”

Brother: “No, there’s bees in there.”

Me: “A bee? What, did you leave the window open?”

Brother: “No, bees. Plural. About 40.”

Me: *now fully awake* “How the h*** are there 40 bees in our bathroom?!”

Brother: “I ordered them in the mail. And then, when I opened the box, they all flew out.”

Me: “What exactly did you think would happen?! And WHY did you order bees?”

Brother: “Just don’t go in there. I gotta go tell mom and dad, now.”

(As it happens, my mother is violently allergic to bees, so in the middle of the night, my dad dragged a ladder up against the house and opened the window from the outside to let them all out before any could escape the bathroom. We never got an explanation from my brother.)


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