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There Are Times To Snap At Grandpa

, , , , , | Related | January 24, 2020

My dog is a rescue, so she has her share of issues. One thing she’s very good about, though, is taking treats. Some dogs will almost bite your hand off because they’re so excited about the treat, but she will very gently take a treat when you give it to her. 

The first time my grandfather met her, though, he tried to undo that good behavior. Whenever he would offer her a treat, he’d hold it out to her, wait until she reached for it, and then yank it back and laugh. I sternly scolded him for doing this, saying that he would teach her that the only way to get the treat was to snap for it. 

Some of my family were on my side about it, but others tried to say that I shouldn’t talk to my grandfather like that. I insisted that she was my dog and I would not let others teach her bad habits no matter who they were. Fortunately, she managed to retain her polite treat-taking ways, no thanks to him!

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