There Are Surprises In Store! Just Not In Yours

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(I’m the idiot in this story, though in my defence I was very tired. I work for one of the largest supermarkets in the country. We have a standard uniform in all stores; the only difference is that my uniform features a high-visibility vest since I work in a loading yard and drive vehicles. I have just completed an early-morning shift on my sixth consecutive day of work. I forgot to buy some lunch in my store, so I stop at my local one on the way home to get some bits. As I’m walking into the store, another customer stops me.)

Customer: “Excuse me!”

(Thinking it can’t be about me, I keep walking.)

Customer: “Hey, EXCUSE ME! STOP!”

(I actually stop and look around to see a customer glaring at me.)

Me: “What?”

Customer: “How rude! I’m asking for some help here, and you’re just ignoring me.”

Me: “I, uh, don’t work here, mate… Try customer service.”

(The customer just stares at me, confused, while I try and figure out what is going on. Then, I look down to see I’m wearing my full uniform from work, and that the customer quite rightly assumes I work here.)

Me: “Oh… Right, sorry. I don’t work at this branch, and I have just finished an early start shift.”

(The customer seemed to accept this and move on, but then I spent the next twenty minutes walking around a store being asked stuff when I had no clue, since I didn’t work there. I was even asked by a floor manager which department I was in… Note to self: just buy things in your own store.)

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