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There Are Many Sides To Any Story

, , , | Working | November 27, 2020

I’m a manager in a fast food restaurant. We received the following comments on a customer survey.

Customer Survey: “They refuse to answer the speaker at night. I had to drive up to the window. They weren’t closed; I checked.”

I ask an employee who was working that night what happened.

Employee: “This crazy lady came through yelling at the speaker! Then, she tried to break in through the dining room door! We gave her the food just to get her to go away!”

I check the security camera, and here’s what I see.

A small, young woman drove up to the speaker. After about thirty seconds, she drove around to the dining room door. She got out to check the hours and then went back to her car. She drove up to the speaker again, waited about ten seconds, and drove up to the first window and then the second. An employee opened the window and they did business. At no point did she appear to scream, kick, or act aggressively.

I immediately return to my employee.

Me: “You’re fired.”

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