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There… Are… Four… Files!

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(My boss has access to update a documents database, and I don’t. I’ve noticed that there are some invalid documents in the database, so I’ve gone to her to remove them. This system doesn’t have an “undo” feature. Once something is deleted, it’s gone forever.)

Me: “[Boss], can you please delete these three documents?” *points*

Boss: “These four?”

Me: “No, just these three. Don’t delete that fourth one; it’s valid, and we want to keep it.”

Boss: “These four?” *goes to delete them*

Me: “No, just the three that I pointed to.”

Boss: *deletes four documents*

Me: “That was a valid one you just deleted.”

Boss: “Well, you have a backup, right?”

Me: “No.”

Boss: “Well, why not? You should always have a backup! This is your fault!”

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