There Are Definitely Exceptions To The Waste-Not Concept

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This takes place while there is a state-mandated requirement to wear masks when shopping. I’ve gone to the hardware store with my boyfriend and his father to pick something up. As we’re walking back to the car, his father spots a discarded cloth mask on the ground.

Father: “Oh, hey, did one of you drop your mask?”

Boyfriend: “Dad, no! It’s not ours; it’s trash.”

Father: “We should take it home and wash it.”

Boyfriend: “Leave it!”

Me: “That would be like picking up a pair of underwear off the ground and putting it in the wash!”

Father: “Well, I mean, if it’s still good…”

Boyfriend: “NO, DAD!”

When we got back to their house, his mother thankfully sided with us when his father tried to complain about us “wasting” a perfectly good mask.

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