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There Are Better Ways To Connect With Your Community

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This experience was annoying albeit extremely funny as I’m the most stubborn person you could meet, and this couldn’t have happened to a better candidate!

I get a notification on my phone one day.

Notification: “Google TV has connected to your phone.”

I don’t own a TV — Google or otherwise.

I go looking through my settings and search online to work out that the TV adds all nearby Android devices automatically. I live in a block of flats, so my phone has connected to a neighbour’s TV. I have to remove my device via the TV. It doesn’t work the opposite way around, so I can’t remove my phone from my end. Fun, eh? 

It’s not that much of a problem except that now, not only am I forced into my phone being a remote control for a neighbour’s TV, but it also notifies me every time the channel is switched or the volume is changed. That gets annoying fast. 

I go around to all the doors but am met with the same response: “F*** off, mate,” and a door slammed in my face.

This is where the fun begins.

I access the remote function on my phone and press “Mute TV.” Then, I get a notification.

Notification: “User has unmuted TV.”

I mute it again.

Notification: “User has unmuted TV.”

I mute it yet again.

Notification: “User has unmuted TV.”

This goes on for a little while until I get bored.

The next day, I wake up early to a weird noise. My phone is letting me know that my neighbour is watching a movie. Err, thanks, phone. 

I access the remote on my phone, turn the TV off, and go back to bed.


Notification: “User has turned on TV.”

Oh, great. Here we go.

I spend nearly eight hours turning this person’s TV on and off in a game of “Who will get bored first?”

I hear a lot of shouting and smashing coming from upstairs to the right, so it sounds like it’s the neighbor who challenged me to a fight at the door if I knocked on his door again. 

We get up to seven hours and forty minutes, and I get a new notification.

Notification: “Device removed from TV.” 

If only people were more decent to each other and tech companies didn’t design bad software.

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