Theme Park Attendance Down, As Costumed Actors Try Horrific New Methods To Engage With Guests

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(I am a costumed actor that doubles as a spotter for our park mascot. As such, I can talk; he can’t. This is one of the funnier interactions we’ve had. A toddler, around three or so, comes up with his mother. He’s more interested in running around than meeting us characters. We get a few photos, and he starts to take off, just as [Character] goes in for a fist bump.)

Mother: “[Child], look! [Character] is fisting you!”

Me: *shocked* “Uh…”

(I’m thinking, “Did she really just say that?!”)

Mother: “Look, [Child]! [Character] Is fisting you!”

(Our character actor is barely holding it together; I can see him shaking with laughter. Barely holding it together myself, I do my best pearl-clutch.)

Me: “Madam! It’s fist bump! Fist bump!

Mother: *turning about three shades of red* “Oh, my God! What did I say?!”

(She hurries out with her very happy, oblivious child. A few people behind her snicker. Doing my best to stay in character, I turn to [Character], who is holding his sides.)

Me: “Oh, [Character], I do believe that it’s time for your break!”

([Character] salutes, gives a few more high-fives, and practically RUNS to our dressing area. I follow, and we dissolve into guffaws for our entire ten-minute break.)

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