Their Vocabulary Is Intolerable

| Learning | August 26, 2013

(I am in sixth grade. We are having a highly ineffective anti-bullying class meeting. As student responds to me bringing up the fact that gay students are targets of bullying at the school.)

Student: “I just don’t get why you guys have to be so dramatic about everything. You aren’t being bullied or whatever. If you have to be gross, it’s okay that we make fun of you.”

Me: “You’re not even pretending to be tolerant, are you? See, in my opinion, tolerance is pretty important—”

Teacher: “[My name]!”

Me: “…yeah?”

Teacher: “You’re using awfully big words for someone your age, aren’t you? I don’t think anyone here understands what you are trying to say!”

Me: “Um, we’re in middle school, not elementary. I really think they—”

Teacher: “Let’s have a survey. Raise your hand if you know the word ‘tolerance.'”

(About 30% of my classmates raise their hands.)

Teacher: “See?”

Me: *sigh*

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