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Their Understanding Is Clipped

| Working | April 19, 2017

(We have a new hire this season. While he’s a nice person, he lacks common sense and basically has to be retrained on everything every day. We’re on site and running underground conduit for our lines. He’s been known to not pay attention or follow directions, we’re all trying to get on him about it.)

Me: “So [Foreman] said to use clips for this, right?”

New Hire: *instantly* “No, no, no, we’re not using them.”

Me: *already fully aware of the answer because I heard him say it* “Hey, [Foreman], you said to clip this right?”

Foreman: “Yep!”

New Hire: “Oh, oh, yeah I guess he did say that.”

(This is constant with him… We’re hoping he doesn’t last much longer.)

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