Their Thoughtfulness Was No Accident

, , | Hopeless | April 12, 2017

I delivered pizza years ago while in college. One night, I am waiting at the entrance to an apartment building for the customer when I see a pedestrian get hit by a car. He is tossed in the air and lands on the pavement hard.

This was before cell phones are everywhere, so when the customer comes to the door I tell him to call 911. His reaction is to instead run to the curb to see the poor pedestrian lying in the street. Someone else says they have called for help.

I stay to give my name to the police in case they need to talk to me, and then go to deliver the other order I have in the car. When that customer comes to the door, he looks at me and asks what is wrong. I tell him what I had seen, and he has me come into his house to sit down and have a glass of water. Not one word about his order being late or cold at all.

Once I had my bearings, he sent me back to the restaurant. Where I learned that 1) the pedestrian had died, and 2) the second customer had called to report what happened, and tell my manager I needed the rest of the night off. So thanks to the second customer for helping make up for that first jerk.

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