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Their Stupidity To Be Given No Quarter

| Working | July 9, 2017

(I’m at the Department of Motor Vehicles renewing my driver’s license when this occurs.)

DMV Employee #1: “Okay, so that’ll be $16, and you can pay by cash or check.”

(A door opens and a second DMV employee leans their head out.)

DMV Employee #2: “[DMV Employee #1], if I have 180 quarters, how many dollars is that?”

DMV Employee: #1: *speechless*

Me: *speechless*

DMV Employee #2: “I mean, like, do you times it by four?”

DMV Employee #1: *speechless*

Me: “45 dollars. It’s… 45 dollars.”

DMV Employee #2: “Oh, okay.” *exits*

Me: “Was that for real?”

DMV Employee #1: “Unfortunately… yes.”

Me: “Oh, jeez, I’m sorry.”

DMV Employee #1: “It’s even worse… That’s the manager!”

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