Their Standards Are E-Volvo-ing

, | Toronto, ON, Canada | Learning | July 25, 2017

(I work at a private school which isn’t Catholic and there are no uniforms. Most of the kids at the school are upper middle class or in the 1%. This is a conversation I hear in the grade 12 parking lot after school.)

Kid #1: “Okay, here’s my grandparents Volvo. I can fit four in here.”

Kid #2: “Oh…”

Kid #1: “What’s wrong?”

Kid #2: “I didn’t know you were subsidized.” *a few kids get their tuition subsidized but [Kid #1] is not one of those*

Kid #1: “Excuse me?! Just because my parents don’t want to waste money on a new car doesn’t mean I’m subsidized. What is wrong with you?” *gets into car and slams door*

Kid #2: *tries getting into front seat but [Kid #1] locks it and rolls down the window*

Kid #1: “Yeah, don’t even think about it.”

(Oh, high school drama.)

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  • Ian Rennie

    “I work at a private school which isn’t Catholic and there are no uniforms.”

    What did this detail have to do with anything else in this story?

    • Torbjörn Axelsson

      It probably narrows down what school it could be quite dramatically. The comment about 1% and upper middle class will probably point out the exact school to those who are “in the know”.

    • Katie Manning

      I’m fairly certain it’s a rule that a certain percentage of any story posted here must be completely pointless, unnecessary exposition.

      • Caroline Levén

        Just like the comment section.

      • Neil Fairweather

        I think it can be summarised as “I know this site censors identifying details, so I’m going to add as many as I can…”

      • whateverman

        I am a gay transgendered male dating a straight cisgendered woman. The locally owned comic book store that specializes in gluten-free cupcakes recently held a birthday party for my dog, Qevyn, who is half-Great Dane and half-Husky. Anyways, my respectful partner who works at a vegan butcher shop encountered a boorish customer who asked for directions to the nearest library.

        • Torbjörn Axelsson

          That is actually really good. Not sure what the term is. Pastiche? Irony?

        • helen-louise

          I’m exhausted just THINKING about how much energy a Great Dane/Husky cross would have, and how much vigorous exercise would be needed each day!

        • Morgan

          Forget all that other stuff, I’m trying to figure out how you have a vegan butcher shop!

      • Mike Carr

        The posters are seeking to avoid comments that the story lacks detail and/or is made up.

    • Eilonwy_has_an_aardvark

      One of the reasons for uniforms is that they make socio-economic differences less obvious — you can’t see who’s dressed in the latest styles and who isn’t. This school didn’t have uniforms, so Kid #2 has been able to assess whether Kid #1 dresses like the rest of the rich kids.

    • Angela Rajic

      Also it may have something to do with the province having a public Catholic school system separate from private schools, religious or otherwise and the OP just wanting to clarify what private school means in this situation vs in the US. Also most private schools, religious or no do have uniforms in Ontario, it’s pretty rare to have one that doesn’t use even a simple colour code for clothing (instead of an actual uniform some schools just say wear specific colours and pieces of whatever you already own).

      • Ian Rennie

        …okay but so what? What does this have to do with the story?

        • Angela Rajic

          Not so much the story, but just trying to make sure non Canadians get the picture?

  • Katie Manning

    I love that Kid #1’s issue with the situation is NOT that his friend is a stuck up jerk who looks down on kids whose tuition is subsidized, it’s that HIS isn’t subsidized – as if his friend accused him of having Herpes or something. They’re both as scummy as each other.

    • Agent Tarter

      That’s what I was thinking too. But kids don’t necessarily think well on their feet. Hopefully Kid #1 knows that there’s nothing wrong with being a subsidized student and just didn’t respond well in the moment.

      • Kraziekat

        Yeah…. good luck with that.

    • Kimberly Flis

      No where did Kid 1 say anything about it not applying to everyone. The situation at hand was about the nasty comment towards him..

    • Neil Fairweather

      Regardless of whether Kid #1 looks down on poor people, being annoyed by a (former) friend saying “I didn’t realise you were poor” is entirely understandable.

  • Mouser

    Never look down your nose at someone giving you a ride.

  • Trihan

    For high school drama generation
    Upperclassmen have a knack
    By taking car space information
    Knocking topics right off track

    If you assume subsidy pass
    The other kids might wear a frown
    You’ll get the door slammed on your ass
    And then the window gets rolled down.

  • Holly

    Having a used Volvo is a sign of being “subsidized”? Daaaam-n. And I thought a high school student with their own used Honda is being overindulged by the parents.

    • Darth Pseudonym

      And even more: It’s his GRANDPARENTS’ car, which has nothing to do with his own parents’ income. Grandparents often drive older cars, and are often on more limited income, none of that has anything to do with whether the kid himself is financially limited.

      • Some Reader

        Yeah, I drove my grandmother’s car in high school. It was literally as old as I was and basically qualified as a land yacht. People stopped making fun of me as soon as they realized I could fit them ALL in there… sadly, I was a bit naive and easily used. Glad that Kid #1 isn’t like that.

      • Tänya Kirkle

        Not trying to be harsh or anything, but…if that is the case why do I have such a strong association between luxury cars and old people?

        • Torbjörn Axelsson

          Those large old cars were once new and expensive, about the time the respective “grand parents” bought them.

          Just driving an old clunker from the 1980s does not give you any sense of what it was like new, as cars tend to deteriorate over time, unless you give them a complete work over.

        • Darth Pseudonym

          Rich retirees often buy luxury cars, but grandparents *in general* have beaters that they’ve had for fifteen years and refuse to (or can’t afford to) replace. “Most luxury cars are bought by older customers” and “most older people can’t afford luxury cars” can both be true at the same time.

  • Matt Westwood

    Why is it relevant that the school is Catholic and you wear no uniforms and the the demographic is poshypants? What possible reason do you have for boring us with that $h1t?

    • ampersand

      Because it is somewhat important info for the story?
      w o a h

      • Matt Westwood

        It’s not, though.

        • ampersand

          How so?

          • Matt Westwood

            All you need to include is that kid #2 suggests that kid #1 is subsidised, and the response that kid #1 is so offended that he refuses to give kid #2 a lift home as a result. The socio-political nature of the school, and the nature of the clothing they are in, is completely irrelevant.

          • Craig Lashbrook

            it does show that they could have been able to tell who was, and wasnt rich, I suppose. Remember all that fuss in the early 90s when a few schools tried to mandate a specific haircut, “to prevent rich/poor bullying”?

          • Matt Westwood

            “All that fuss” is a serious thing and is a consideration in many schools where it has been shown that a uniform does indeed reduce bullying, and engenders a level of solidarity, respect and pride for one’s institute of learning. And, yes, I concede that there may indeed be cogent reasons for *not* enforcing a uniform and/or dress code, but I can’t think of any right now.

            As I don’t know where you come from I can’t comment on your memory of what happened in the 90s, and I particular would not have a dog in this race at that time as I had no involvement in the education system then. But as someone who was schooled in the UK in the (harumphties), I remember the strict uniform and haircut rules as the norm, and the general attitude was that educational establishments (at the level of ages 11-16 in particular) which did not enforce such rules were substandard and second-rate.

            Now, please explain what relevance any of that has to the trivial non-story here which needs several lines of pointless padding in order to make someone (mistakenly, in my view) consider it worthy of publishing on this rapidly-deteriorating website.

  • emofishermen

    i hate rich kids

    • allahboleh

      I remember there being a word for people who hate others because of some attribute they possess through no choice on their part… It’s on the tip of my tongue…

      • tater thots

        k then, let rich people get offended, its not like its gonna hurt them. me saying “i hate rich people” isnt gonna ruin their lives a single bit.

  • Michelle Chartrand

    Those Degrassi kids love their drama… /s

  • Adrian Mckeehan

    I’m pretty sure if I google “Toronto, ON Canada non Catholic Private School no Uniforms” I might me able to narrow down what school this is

    • whateverman

      Sometimes when I post a story on NAR, I will fudge the location so that people who know me from work won’t point fingers at me.

      • Craig Lashbrook

        Ive had co-workers point fingers at me for internet posts I was provably not even involved in anyway.

        • Neil Fairweather

          Provably? How?

          • Craig Lashbrook

            Simple. The posts, when viewed by the admin of the company website, list the email address of the poster.

          • Neil Fairweather

            Oh, were these on the company intranet?

          • Craig Lashbrook

            sort of. its a public site, but its a sort of staff forum ON a public site. more of a message board really.

    • Rattus

      We have a crap-load of rich people living here, so we also have a crap-load of non-religious private schools, uniform-free and otherwise.

  • Rachel Schmachel

    That’s regular kind drama.

  • kelemvor

    Nice that a Catholic school is teaching Christian values…

    • S123

      It says it’s not Catholic.

      • kelemvor

        Damn. That’s what I get for speed-reading =(

  • allahboleh

    “Most of the kids at the school are upper middle class or in the 1%”
    Their *parents* are in the 1%, that earnings line is something you have to… earn. The kids themselves have earned nothing and unless subsidized will likely not be able to earn enough on their own to be in the 1% of annual wage earners.