Their Standards Are E-Volvo-ing

, | Learning | July 25, 2017

(I work at a private school which isn’t Catholic and there are no uniforms. Most of the kids at the school are upper middle class or in the 1%. This is a conversation I hear in the grade 12 parking lot after school.)

Kid #1: “Okay, here’s my grandparents Volvo. I can fit four in here.”

Kid #2: “Oh…”

Kid #1: “What’s wrong?”

Kid #2: “I didn’t know you were subsidized.” *a few kids get their tuition subsidized but [Kid #1] is not one of those*

Kid #1: “Excuse me?! Just because my parents don’t want to waste money on a new car doesn’t mean I’m subsidized. What is wrong with you?” *gets into car and slams door*

Kid #2: *tries getting into front seat but [Kid #1] locks it and rolls down the window*

Kid #1: “Yeah, don’t even think about it.”

(Oh, high school drama.)

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