Their Service Is Not The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

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I go to the grocery store to pick up a few items, including two loaves of bread. I take the two loaves to get them sliced and the girl who comes to help me has to ask someone to tell her how to run the machine. Fine, maybe she’s new; maybe she’s never done it before.

She comes back and finally gets it started and it gets stuck a bit. I look past the counter to see what’s going on… and she has the bread in the long way; she’s trying to slice it vertically. I probably could stop her there, but my brain has broken a bit and I cannot form words.

Then, she takes the loaf out when it’s done… and actually turns to me, holding it, and asks if it’s all right. I look at the vertically-sliced loaf and I must be making one h*** of a “WTF” face because she looks at it and looks back at me with a worried, puzzled look on her face.

I manage to restart my brain and tell her, “No, I’d… like it sliced like… normal. Like normal bread.” She still looks confused so I tell her to turn it around and I have to mime the way the loaf should be turned because she is still confused.

She finally gets the two loaves sliced correctly, after having to get me a new loaf to replace the one she… hot-dog sliced, I guess. She doesn’t have an accent, doesn’t seem like she is from anywhere but here, and doesn’t look like she has any reason to not know what a sandwich is… or toast. Has she never seen a sliced loaf of bread before?!

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