Their Self Entitlement Is Harder Than Candy

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There are three of us in the lobby at the moment: me, my coworker, and one of our regulars, who is a man in his sixties. I’m a woman in my twenties and I wear glasses. My coworker is helping [Customer #1]. She is primarily focused on her computer, as it’s running slowly. My regular is chatting with me about this and that.

Another regular, a guy around my age, walks in. We have a basket of candy in the lobby for kids.

Me: “Oh, sorry, [Customer #1], gotta get back to work now. Hi, [Customer #2]! What can I get you?”

Customer #2: “Hey, [My Name]. Just $100 out of my checking. How’s it going?”

Me: “Pretty good. How are you? How’s your wife?”

We chat while I process his withdrawal. As I’m counting his cash back, I feel something graze the side of my glasses and bounce off my ear. I ignore it and continue counting. Something grazes the other side of my face. About thirty seconds later, something small and hard hits me directly in the right lens. I recoil backward.

Me: “Whoa!”

Customer #2: “What the…?”

I look down and see three pieces of our hard candy lying on the ground.

Customer #2: “Is someone throwing candy?”

Coworker: “Hey! [Customer #1], what are you doing?!”

I look up just in time to see a lollipop flying at my face. I have no time to react. It bounces off the right lens frame again and hits the ground. [Customer #2], my coworker, and I stare at [Customer #1] in disbelief.

Me: “What the heck?!”

Customer #1: “You weren’t paying attention to me, so I had to fix that.”

He’s grinning and clearly very proud of himself. Meanwhile, I’m trying very hard not to lose my temper. I take my glasses off to ensure that the lenses are not cracked and then put them back on.

Customer #1: “Oh, it was a joke.”

Me: “I need these to see! How am I supposed to get home tonight if you break my glasses and I can’t see to drive?!”

He has the good sense to look sheepish.

Customer #1: “Uh…”

Me: “I think you need to leave now.”

He shuffled out the door. I told my boss, who made him come back the next day and apologize.

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