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Their Relationship Status Is Wobbly

| Romantic | January 1, 2016

(It’s getting close to exam time and my boyfriend and I are spending some much needed cuddle time together after a week of not seeing each other due to school and illness getting in the way.)

Boyfriend: *leaning on me* “Mmm… I’ve been so tense lately and now that I can relax… I think I’ve turned to Jell-O…”

Me: “Jell-O, huh?”

Boyfriend: “Well yeah, but human-flavored Jell-O, not like, strawberry Jell-O.”

Me: “Well, babe, if you’re not strawberry Jell-O, it’s not worth it. Get it right next time.”

Boyfriend: “So just to clarify, the only thing keeping us from cannibalism here is the fact that I’m not strawberry Jell-O?”

Me: “Sounds about right.”

(Half an hour later, while I’m giving him a back massage.)

Me: “That feel okay?”

Boyfriend: “Mhm… It’s like everything is turning to Jell-O…”

Me: “Strawberry Jell-O?”

Boyfriend: *laughs*

(A little while later we’re still hanging out while I’m working on my essay.)

Boyfriend: “How far are you?”

Me: “800 words.”

Boyfriend: “Good job, babe. Just don’t work too hard, or your brain will turn to mush.”

Me: *stares at him for a minute, smiling* “Or… strawberry Jell-O?”

Boyfriend: “You’re never going to let that die, are you?”

Me: “Nope! It’s a thing now!”

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