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Their Reactions Are Identical

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(I’m a girl with a twin brother. Most people need only this by way of explanation, but some don’t really understand. I’ve legitimately been asked these things multiple times.)

Boy #1: “Are you and your brother identical twins?”

Me: “No, that’s impossible.”

Boy #1: “Identical twins aren’t impossible.”

Me: “Yes, but I have a vagina and he doesn’t, so we can’t be.”

(Another time:)

Boy #2: “Who’s older?”

Brother: “I am.”

Boy #2: “Oh, by how much?”

Me: “I think nine minutes.”

Boy #2: “Very funny.”

Me: “What?”

Boy #2: “There need to be at least nine months between you.”

Brother: “We’re twins.”

Boy #2: “But you can’t be! You’re not the same sex!”

(And again:)

Girl: “Oh, how do you know [Brother]?”

Me: “He’s my twin.”

Girl: “Oh, so which one of you is trans?”

Me: “What?”

Girl: “I’m not judging; I’m very supportive of trans rights.”

Me: “What do you mean, which one of us is trans?”

Girl: “Twins have to be the same sex at birth.”

(These are just ones from the top of my head; there have been others.)