Their Problem With Sick Days Reaches Fever Pitch

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(I have just been promoted to manager trainee and am working on a Sunday with one of the assistant managers. It has already been made clear to me that managers don’t really get to take a day off at this store when they are sick because there will be literally no other manager able to cover them — it’s a small store. I have a 104-degree fever at this point and am supposed to be the closing manager on a Sunday, working with an assistant manager until about an hour before close, at which point I’ll be on my own. Everyone can see I am sick; even customers ask why I’m there. I am walking — very slowly — across the sales floor, having just been in the back office trying to cool down, because I am sweating due to my fever.)

Associate #1: “Girl, I know you’re pale, but you are green today.”


Associate #2: “Can I get a manager to the front for a return?”

(I get up to the front, enter my ID and password for the return, and once the customer leaves, I just slowly lower myself to the floor. I am so dizzy at this point I can’t see straight.)

Associate #2: *on her headset* “Uh… [Assistant Manager]? [My Name] is on the floor up here.”

Assistant Manager: *on headset* “Did she fall? Is she okay? She didn’t pass out, right?”

Associate #2: “No… She just kind of sat down.”

(I indicate I’m okay.)

Associate #2: “Yeah, she’s okay.”

Me: “Can I go home, please, [Assistant Manager]? It’s only an extra hour you’d be working. I’ll owe you.”

Assistant Manager: “Are you sure you can’t make it? I wanted to go out with [Her Boyfriend] tonight.”

Me: “No… I literally can’t see straight right now. I’m sorry. I really tried to work through it, but I think I’ll call my mom to drive me home.”

(And that’s how I almost passed out at work because I was scared I’d be reprimanded for calling out sick. They still make both associates and managers work when sick because there literally isn’t enough staff to allow them to take a sick day. I no longer work there.)

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