Their Point Was Registered

| Romantic | July 1, 2013

(My fiancée and I are both female, and are going out for dinner to celebrate the end of the grad school year. There are two guys in head-to-toe sports gear next to us.)

Fiancée: “I’m 100% sure that the ‘sports bros’ next to us disapprove of our awesomeness.”

(I keep an eye on them. They’re glaring at both of us. I carry on as normal.)

Me: “So, [friend’s name] wants us to register at [high-end store] for wedding stuff. It’s so he can get something high-end; what would you want to get?”

(She motions for me to talk louder. It takes a minute, but I get it. The guys look even more annoyed, to the point where they have to leave.)

Fiancée: “I just wanted to annoy them. If it had been any worse, I would have proposed holding hands or making out!”

Me: “It’s so odd making bigots uncomfortable just by existing!”

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