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Their New Policy Just Doesn’t Hold Water

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My store has recently announced that we, the employees, are no longer allowed to have water bottles on the floor with us. Everyone is pissed. It gets super hot in the summer, and you exert a lot of energy unloading the truck and stocking shelves, so it’s annoying to have to stop what you’re doing and walk to the break room to grab a drink if you want one. 

I have to go to a fast medical clinic for some random reason, and while I’m there, I decide to shoot my shot.

Me: “Hey, would it be okay for you to write me a doctor’s note saying I’m allowed to have water with me at my job?”

Doctor: “Wait, they seriously won’t let you have water unless you get a note?”

Me: “They just implemented this rule. They haven’t said anything about a doctor’s note, but I figure it must be a loophole.”

She happily writes me a note that says, “[My Name] must have water on them at all times,” because if a person wants to stay hydrated, that doctor sure isn’t going to complain.

I arrive at work and present my note. Later, a coworker spots me with my drink on the floor.

Coworker: “How did you get away with that?”

Me: “Doctor’s note. I just asked, and they wrote it in a way so I would have to have water on me and not have to keep it in the back.”

Suddenly, there was an influx of people coming in with doctor’s notes that said they needed water on their person at all times. It got to the point that management got rid of the rule.

It was a stupid idea to begin with, but I’m mad that so many people had to waste money to get the doctor’s notes to be able to drink water.

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