Their Mortgage Is On The House

| Working | December 19, 2013

(Canada Post has a business software glitch which messes up our postcode in our town. It assigns us to the identical house number and street name in the next town along the Highway. I visit a mortgage office branch 300 yards from my house.)

Me: “I would like to enquire about the balance on my mortgage. I am thinking about paying it off.”

Employee: “Certainly. Could I have your address please?”

Me: “Sure, it is [address].”

Employee: “Okay, you live at [address] in [Next Town]?”

Me: “No. We live at [address] in [This Town].”

Employee: “No. The computer says that you live in [Next Town].”

Me: “No. We live just down the street in [This Town].”

Employee: “But the computer says—”

Me: “Look. If, as you say, we don’t live at [address] in [This Town], can we stop sending you our mortgage payments for that house?”

Employee: “Erm…”

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