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Their Mind Is Very Small (Print)

, | Learning | January 16, 2014

(I work the main desk in a small college library. It is the beginning of our spring semester, meaning most new students have at least a semester under their belt. A patron is standing by the copy machine with a wad of papers.)

Patron: “Can I scan this?”

Me: “Do you want to scan it or photocopy?”

Patron: “Scan.”

Me: “Okay. Our scanner’s right here. Here’s the program. It’ll take a second to warm up, and then you’re good to go.”

Patron: “And once it’s scanned in, I can print it. Right?”

Me: “Uh, if you’re just going to print it it’s probably faster just to photocopy it.”

Patron: “Oh. Okay.”

(The patron proceeded to have no idea how to operate the copier. I can’t wait until they graduate and teach a classroom of kids!)

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