Their Method Is Elementally Flawed

| Valencia, CA, USA | Learning | March 4, 2014

(I am in the 8th grade. I have transferred into a new set of classes, and am sitting next to my friend in science class. She often copies off of my papers, and, at the time, I don’t really care enough stop her. We are learning about the periodic table of elements and we have just turned in our worksheets.)

Teacher: “[My Name], [Friend], please come see me.”

(We both go up, confused. The teacher looks at me first.)

Teacher: “Okay, [My Name]. You did pretty well, but where you were supposed to name an element after you, you were supposed to use your last name.”

Me: “Oh, oops.”

Teacher: “And [Friend], as honorable as it is to name an element after your friend, you’re going to need to sit next to someone else from now on.”

(It turns out she had copied my wrong answer without even reading the question!)

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